Skin care mask:*Moisture Bomb Face Mask *Pure Detox Clay Mask *Bioenergy Ocean Facial Clay Mask

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  • *Moisture Bomb Face Mask: A face mask allows you to purify your skin thanks to the clay in it. While the clay also moisturizes your skin, it also prevents excess sebum by adjusting the oil balance. This prevents acne and blackheads .

    *Pure Detox Clay Mask:It allows you to get rid of acne, sun spots and skin discoloration over time and restore your natural skin tone. When a mask that speeds up blood flow to the skin is used, cells are renewed and the skin is radiant.

    *Bioenergy Ocean Facial Clay Mask: It revitalizes skin that is nourished with the dead ocean minerals it contains. Thanks to its perfume-containing formula, a pleasant scent remains on the face after cleansing. The product, which is a clay mask, adds shine to your skin with the ginseng extract it contains, and provides smoothing and refreshing skin with glycerin.
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