Makeup set consist of: *Makeup Sponge*Brush Set *Makeup Base*Makeup Fixator

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  • Makeup set consist of:
    *Makeup Sponge
    *Brush Set
    *Makeup Base:
    It is a protective product that should be applied to your skin before makeup. Which is in liquid form especially during the day. It creates solutions to acne and sebum problems, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines. You should apply the base while your skin is clean and before foundation.
    *Makeup Fixator:
    The makeup fixer keeps your makeup longer and intact, which prevents make-up products from slipping on the skin, especially if you need makeup frequently. If your skin is oily and sweating excessively, you don't have to revamp your makeup with a fixative spray.
    The effect of this makeup spraying spray is 24 hours. You can maintain the stability of your makeup and balance the moisture of your skin throughout the day. It is not affected by factors such as moisture, water, sweat and heat. You can apply the spray to makeup by spraying from a distance of 20-30 cm. After application, you must ensure that the fixative liquid affects every part of your face and allow it to dry
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