Bioenergy Hair Care set consist of: *Bioenergy Hair Care Serum *Bioenergy Hair Dryer *Bioenergy Shampoo

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  • *Bioenergy Hair Care Serum:
    Your hair nourishes from root to tip while it grows back quickly. So you have shiny and full hair. If you have thick hair, you will find that your hair does not break down when used with a serum. Bio-Energy Serum, The Vital Energy Serum adds vitality and softness to your hair. Dermatologist tested bio-energy serum extends your hair in no time with the effect of rapid growth. *Bioenergy Hair Dryer:
    For Fine Hair Contains Glycol Energizer and Herbal Complex (pine curd, black cumin and argan) that help hair look thicker and more voluminous. For fine and voluminous hair. *Bioenergy Shampoo: You can use it in any shower, it brightens and moisturizes your hair. With regular use, it adds volume to your hair and most importantly, it prevents major hair loss. New Well Bio Energy shampoo with caffeine, garlic and nettle deeply cleanses your hair and removes clogged hair follicles. Hence, your hair will have attractive shine and fullness
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